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    Who are the Blitz Buddies?

    Simply a group of friends with a shared enthusiasm for commemorating and celebrating the spirit of the 1940's. For some this is centred on the Civilian and Home Front experience, for others, it is more through their involvement with historic military vehicles and life in the forces. Together we encompass every aspect of this remarkable time in our country's history.

    Most of us met for the first time through the Dig For Victory weekend. We visit many of the same events, and, although we usually attend as individuals, each with our own expectations, it is always a pleasure when we do meet at 40's weekends, dances or shows etc.

    In this way, we continue our activities, not as formal members of a club or society with it's associated rules and regulations, but rather, as comrades with a common interest.

    We are the Blitz Buddies!